Common user (no log in is required)

For non-expert users, the LIFE+IMAGINE 3D Client allows the visualization of the different datasets used in the pilot applications. Once identified the datasets of inter-est, the system views them through WMS (Web Mapping Services). Specifically, WMS refers to the following list of data (in alphabetical order)

Available data

Expert user (log in is required)

To get access to the advanced functionalities, the registered user has to insert his/her credentials in the panel on the top right of the page. To become a registered user, it is needed to click on the label “register here” below the “login” button.

Available Web Processing Services (WPS)
Access the LIFE+IMAGINE 3D Client


For all this videos subtitles in Italian are available. Enable this option in the YouTube player.

General users

This video describes the main functionalities of the 3D client.

Expert user

This video describes the avdanced functionalities only available for registered users.

Web Processing Services

This video describes how to access to the Web Processing Services of the 3D client.