Environmental Scenarios

Through methodologies for environmental analysis, LIFE+IMAGINE provides information to support coastal planning and decision making and reporting.

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Soil Consumption Scenario

Anthropogenic soil sealing due to wild urbanization


  • Production of indicators on the land consumption in coastal areas, to be used for planning, reporting and dissemination to the public.
  • Monitoring of changes in land cover, land use and related soil sealing in the past years.

Landslides Scenario

A major problem affecting the Mediterranean coasts


  • (Re)shaping of risk analysis models, based on datasets compliant with the INSPIRE Directive.
  • Definition of standardised procedures to create landslide risk maps.
  • Definition of a procedure to evaluate environmental impacts.

The LIFE+IMAGINE Consortium

Recent News

Final Workshop LIFE+IMAGINE

The Final Workshop of LIFE + IMAGINE aims to present to the participants the results obtained and the experience gained in the project, with particular reference to the development, integration and reuse of regional, national […]

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LIFE+IMAGINE Workshop at the INSPIRE Conference 2016

“Interoperable data for environmental management and planning of coastal zone: the LIFE+IMAGINE experience”
Barcelona, 27 September 2016
9.00 – 10.30
The workshop has the purpose to inform all the participating stakeholders about the LIFE+IMAGINE experience, outreach and results, […]

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Local Workshop, Florence, 18th March 2016

Environmental policies and technological tools for knowledge
Florence, 18 March 2016
9.15 – 13.30
Sant’Apollonia – Via San Gallo, 25

The workshop will be focused on the results achieved within the project LIFE+IMAGINE, who implemented an infrastructure based on […]

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National Workshop, Rome, 21th September 2015

LIFE+IMAGINE: Integrated management in coastal areas, focus on extreme events and soil consumption
Rome, 21 September 2015
Sala UNICEF – Via Palestro 68

LIFE+IMAGINE is a project co-funded by the LIFE+ Programme Environmental Policy and Governance in […]

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