Preparatory actions (A)

  • Characterization of pilot sites in Liguria and Toscana

    , definition of methodologies for the analysis of “Landslides in coastal zones” and “Soil consumption in coastal zones” scenarios, individuation and preliminary contacts with local stakeholders (Action A1 )

  • Individuation of data needed for the pilot implementation, starting of the data inventory phase ( Action A2 )
  • Analysis INSPIRE specifications for the data themes of interest for the project, survey on available software for data harmonization and validation in compliance with INSPIRE ( Action A3 )
  • Individuation of web services to be eventually integrated into the LIFE+IMAGINE infrastructure. Preliminary scheme of the infrastructure ( Action A4 )

Monitoring the impact of the project actions (C)

  • Preliminary proposal of a set of indicators to be used for assessing the environmental impact of the project ( Action C1 )

Communication and dissemination actions (D)

  • Study, design and realization of the LIFE+IMAGINE web site ( Action D1 )
  • Preparation of the LIFE+IMAGINE leaflet and poster (Action D2 )
  • Organization of the “First LIFE+IMAGINE Local Workshop” on the Toscana pilot sites, held in Livorno on 12th December 2013 ( Action D3 )

Project management and monitoring of the project progress (E)

  • Organization of the kick-off meeting (Rome, 9th July 2013), of the first monitoring visit (Genoa, 8th and 9th October 2013) and of the second project meeting (Livorno, 12th and 13th December 2013).
  • Participation to the regional kick-off meeting of the LIFE+projects Call 2012 (Rome, 8th November 2013)
  • Monitoring of costs and project actions
  • Planning of project management and dissemination actions
  • Planning of the quality management and appointment of three external experts for the evaluation of project products ( Action E8)
  • Starting the networking activities towards European Commission, European Environmental Agency, Joint Research Center, different entities and institutions at national level ( Action E9)