Preparatory actions (A)

  • Identification and definition of seven specific use cases for the LIFE+IMAGINE application, related to the soil consumption, the landslides and the coastal management.

    Analysis of functional and non functional requirements for the LIFE+IMAGINE application and related technological solutions to be adopted. Organization of the second technical meeting in Levanto and survey on the Vernazza pilot site (8th and 9th May) (Action A1 )

  • Extension of the inventory with new fields, related in particolar to the link between the datasets and the INSPIRE Directive. Filling and finalization of the datasets inventory for the Liguria and Toscana pilot cases ( Action A2)
  • Individuation of the datasets and the project outputs to be harmonized. Study of the data models to assess possible extensions of the INSPIRE data specifications. Definition of the harmonization procedures and of the software for the standardization and the validation according to INSPIRE ( Action A3 )
  • Definition of the architecture for the LIFE+IMAGINE infrastructure ( Action A4 )

Implementation Actions (B)

  • Preliminary activities to set up the harmonization process for the first sub-set of data, expected in September 2014 ( Action B1 )
  • Analysis of functional requirements and web services requested by the scenarios, in connection with actions A1 and A4 ( Action B2 )
  • Study of the meteorological phenomena that caused the 2011 event, analysis of the post-event scenarios, first applications of the methodology for environmental analysis, preliminary calculation of some indicators on landslides impact ( Action B3 )
  • First attempt of application of the methodology for environmental analysis, preliminary calculation of some indicators on soil consumption ( Action B4 )

Monitoring the impact of the project Actions (C)

  • Discussion and proposal on the indicators to be used for monitoring the environmental impacts of the project. Study of the DPSIR conceptual framework ( Action C1 )

Communication and Dissemination Actions (D)

  • Monthly updating of the LIFE+IMAGINE web site ( Action D1 )
  • Exhibition of the Notice Boards in all the partners Headquarters and the ones of the main stakeholders. Presentation of a project poster at the Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) held in May in Wien ( Action D2 )
  • Organization of a workshop at the INSPIRE 2014 Conference held in Aalborg (DK) in June, in clustering with the eEnvplus, GeoSmartCity and Linkvit projects. Participation in the LIFE+ Ligurian projects organized in the framework of the Genoa Smart Week on 20th June. Preliminary organization of the first national workshop of Turin ( Action D3 )

Project management and monitoring of the project progress (E)

  • Organization of the third project meeting in Rome (25th and 26th June 2014).
  • Preparation and submission of the Inception Report.
  • Monitoring of costs and project actions.
  • Appointment of the three external experts for the evaluation of project products, management of the quality procedures and draft of the first Quality Management Report ( Action E8 )
  • Networking activities toward the European Commission, the European Environmental Agency, the Joint Research Center, the Copernicus programme, different institutions and organizations at national level. Organization of a Networking workshop at the JRC (Ispra) on April 2014 ( Action E9 )